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545R Brushcutter

545R Brushcutter

SKU: 967637902

The Husqvarna 545FR Brushcutter, complete with a trimmer head, grass blade, and saw blade, combines big power and broad versatility for a tool that will cut that brush with ruthless efficiency.

Running on an X-Torq® engine with a whopping 45.7 cc displacement, this brushcutter is made to take on the toughest of underbrush. While hard on the weeds, this engine is easy on the earth thanks to X-Torq® technology that offer lower exhaust emissions and reduces fuel consumption. This brushcutter comes with three different cutting attachments — a trimmer head, a grass blade, and a saw blade– so you can choose the one that best fits your task at hand while making the most of your money and storage space.

While one of the most powerful brushcutters on the market, this machine is seriously comfortable to operate. LowVib® technology reduces vibrations to protect you from the stress and strain, especially for longer days.

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