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525RX - Professional Brushcutter

525RX - Professional Brushcutter

SKU: 967175701

Blaze a trail with a superior brushcutter. The Husqvarna 525RX is a powerful yet lightweight and comfortable brushcutter that leads the industry in more ways than one. Featuring pro-grade components and our world-renowned X-Torq® engine, the 525RX is tough on grass and undergrowth, but easy on you. Comes with an ergonomic harness to keep you balanced, safe and efficient throughout the day.

1.55 cu.inch

Cylinder displacement

1.34 hp

Power output

10.8 lbs

Weight (excl. cutting equipment)

  • Intuitive controls
  • Powerful and Efficient X-TORQ® Engine
  • Offset handle bar
  • Balance 35
  • Quick Start with Air Purge
  • High Line Capacity
  • Auto return stop switch
  • Versatile guard
  • High offset post
  • Stand alone starter
  • Optimal Cutting Performance
  • Adjustable handle bar